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50 Bengal Cat Names

50 Bengal Cat Names

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Bengal cats look like they’ve just walked out of a tropical jungle. Their stunning coats which come in either spotted or marble patterns in brown, silver or snow hues make many believe they look like miniature cheetahs or leopards.

They also possess incredibly charming personalities and any Bengal owner will tell you that they love nothing better than to curl up for fuss and love from their humans.

If you’re lucky enough to be adding one of these wonderous kitties to your home, you’ll need to pick the perfect Bengal cat name that fits their glorious appearance and cheeky personalities. Keep reading for our top 50 names that are sure to fit your pocket-sized wild cat.

Female Bengal cat names

From names which call out their gorgeous colouring to monikers to match famous characters, here’s our top 20 female Bengal cat names and their meanings:

1. Amber

This name would be perfect for a female Bengal cat in an orange hue as it means jewel or amber-coloured.

2. Butterscotch

Butterscotch is another colour name which would suit a kitty in a caramel shade. Plus, this will be the perfect way to call out their sweet personality too!

3. Ginger

Ginger would make a great Bengal cat name if your feline has a reddish tinge to their coat as the name literally means reddish-orange colour. Ginger is also a spice that’s prized for its peppery and sweet taste.

4. Marble

If you’re looking for a Bengal cat name that perfectly complements their coat, why not Marble? This pays homage to one of the coat varieties that the gorgeous breed comes in and we think it sounds rather sweet too.

5. Pepper

Pepper is a name of English origin which means berry, but it’s also a commonly used spice too. This would be a great name for a cat that has a mischievous personality.

6. Artemis

Why not name your mini cheetah after Artemis, the Greek goddess of the hunt and wild animals? The perfect fit for your tiny predator.

7. Topaz

Topaz is a name of Latin origin that means gem. Topaz gemstones literally gleam in hues of orange and yellow, much like your Bengal cat’s coat.

8. Jasmine

If you’re looking for a floral and sweet Bengal cat name, Jasmine might be a great fit. The name is of Persian origin and means ’gift from God’ and there’s no doubt that our felines are a gift!

9. Nala

In Swahili and other African languages, Nala means Queen, lion and successful woman, making this a perfect Bengal cat name for the little royal in your home. Don’t forget that Nala is also a major character in The Lion King!

10. Sheba

If you want a biblical name for your Bengal cat, Sheba is a perfect option. Of Hebrew origin, the name means promise and it’s also the name of a kingdom in the historical region of South Arabia, so this name pays respect to the Bengal’s Asian roots too.

11. Ade

Ade is a Nigerian name that means crown, making it a great Bengal cat name for your royal feline.

12. Tigress

As your Bengal cat looks like a little tiger, why not call them Tigress?

13. Ember

Bengal cats have such energetic personalities, so Ember might make a perfect name as it means “spark”. If you have a brown Bengal, it can also refer to the rich, orange hue of their coat.

14. Saffron

Saffron is one of the world’s most expensive spices and it possesses a gorgeous crimson colouring. We think this would make a wonderful Bengal cat name for felines with a hint of red to their coat.

15. Fern

With their wild cat looks they would not look out of place in the forest or jungle. So how about Fern? The name is of old English origin and means ’someone who lives among ferns’.

16. Cinder

Cinder is the word for ash left by a fire, so we think it would be an amazing name for a silver Bengal cat.

17. Tiger Lily

A Tiger Lily is a stunning flower that’s bright orange in colour and often features spots along its petals. Not only would this Bengal cat name suit your feline’s fur, it also calls out their tiger-like appearance too!

18. Hazel

Hazel is an English name which refers to the small hazel tree that produces edible hazelnuts. If your Bengal is a gorgeous hazelnut brown, why not pick Hazel as the perfect Bengal cat name?

19. Zelda

Zelda is a nickname of Griselda and it has a few meanings including ’dark battle’, ’strong woman’ and ’grey fighting maiden’. If you have a silver Bengal, Zelda would be an amazing name that calls to their strength and colouring.

20. Harlequin

Some Bengal enthusiasts have said that their coat patterns remind them of harlequin diamonds, so this could be a good Bengal cat name. Harley Quinn (pronounced like Harlequin) is also a fan-favourite villain in the DC comic books who’s known for her quick humour and mischievous nature.

Male Bengal cat names

If you’ve got a male Bengal cat or kitten on the way, we’ve got male Bengal cat names for all personalities and colours:

1. Aslan

You may know Aslan as the lion in the Narnia series, but did you know that the name literally means lion in Turkish too? Aslan would make a perfect Bengal cat name for the miniature wild cat living in your home.

2. Mowgli

Mowgli has no confirmed meaning, but everyone knows him as the foundling from The Jungle Book. As Bengals look like they might be at home in the jungle, Mowgli could be a great name.

3. Leo

If you think your little Bengal looks more like a miniature leopard, why not call him Leo? Short for leopard, the name also comes from the Latin word for lion, so it’s a big cat double whammy!

4. Hunter

Hunter is an English name that means ’one who hunts’, so we think it’s perfect for your pocket predator.

5. Tiger

As your Bengal looks like a tiny tiger, why not just call them Tiger? It’s simple, yet adorable.

6. Orion

Orion is a wonderful Bengal cat name that comes from the huge, supernaturally strong hunter from Greek mythology. Additionally, it’s the name of a constellation of stars, so just perfect for the feline light in your life.

7. Simba

You may know Simba best as the lion cub turned king of Pride Rock from Disney’s The Lion King, but did you know that the name Simba is of African origin and literally means lion? This is a cute name that also pays homage to their wild appearance.

8. Rajah

Your Bengal cat or kitten will soon be the king of your home, so why not choose a name that means just that? Rajah is also Princess Jasmine’s loyal, protective pet tiger in Disney’s Aladdin.

9. Bagheera

Bagheera is another great Bengal cat name and its meaning is more than suitable for your tiny leopard. Coming from the Hindustani word for panther or leopard, Bagheera is also the name of the panther in The Jungle Book.

10. Chester

If you want to name your kitty after a famous spotted cat, then what better name than Chester the Cheetah, the mascot of Cheetos? The actual meaning of the name is fortress or camp.

11. Bryce

Bryce is a fantastic Bengal cat name as the Scottish meaning is speckled, just like your kitty’s coat.

12. Flash

Flash is a name of American origin which means bright light. This name could perfectly complement your feline’s coat and their bright, shining eyes.

13. Aagney

Meaning ’the great warrior ‘, or ’one who is born from fire’, Aagney is a Hindu name that would suit a Bengal with a fiery coloured coat and feisty personality.

14. Zeus

Zeus is a name of Greek origin which means sky or shine. Zeus is also the Greek god of the sky and the ruler and protector of all gods and humans - we bet your Bengal certainly rules your home!

15. Onyx

If you want to call out your Bengal cat’s gorgeous black patterning, Onyx would be a perfect fit. In English, the name means ’black gemstone’ but the original Greek meaning is nail or claw.

16. Shere Khan

Shere Khan is a fictional Bengal tiger from The Jungle Book, so what better name could there be for your miniature version? ‘Shere’ means tiger and ’Khan’ is a title of distinction so when combined it means ’chief among tigers’.

17. Eros

In Greek mythology Eros is the mischievous god of love and as your feline is so cheeky and lovable, this could be a great Bengal cat name.

18. Sven

Sven is a name of Old Norse descent that means young warrior, so we think this would make the perfect name for your courageous kitten.

19. Loki

Bengals are known for their mischievous natures, so what better namesake than the god of mischief himself? The name Loki is of Scandinavian origin and it means ’trickster god’.

20. Flynn

Flynn is an Irish name which means reddish, making it ideal as a Bengal cat name for kittens with a reddish hue to their coat.

Unisex Bengal cat names

Still haven’t found your perfect Bengal cat name? Here’s some more unisex options which might tickle your fancy:

  1. Blaze – meaning: flame
  2. Sunset – meaning: the setting sun
  3. Cheetah – meaning: spotted one, also a species of big cat
  4. Forest – meaning: woodsman or woods
  5. River – meaning: stream of water that flows to the sea
  6. Speckles – meaning: scattered, spotted pattern
  7. Bracken – meaning: a tall fern
  8. Ocelot – meaning: small, American wild cat
  9. Bramble – meaning: blackberry bush
  10. Pumpkin – meaning: orange coloured winter squash

That’s our top 50 Bengal cat names for male and female cats and kittens! Looking for more name inspiration for your new cat? Check out our list of the best black cat names, next.

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