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39 Fabulous Black and White Cat Names For Your Feline

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Are you about to introduce a new black and white cat to your family? The joys of being a new pet parent will soon be upon you. But are you at a loss as to what to name your new feline friend? There are some very popular black and white cat names out there that could be a perfect moniker for your feline. But if you’re struggling to decide, we’ve got you covered. We have collated a list of popular, famous and interesting names to call your black and white cat.

Top 9 male black and white cat names

Trying to choose a name for your cat can be tricky. Should you use their looks for inspiration or their personality? A tricky choice when both shine just as brightly! So, here is a list of the top 9 male black and white cat names, and what they mean to make your decision a bit easier.  

1. Chequers  

Referring to a black and white chequers board is a great name for a black and white male cat.. Even better if they are laid-back but also able to impress you with their intelligence. This might just be the perfect match! 

2. Yin Yang 

This is a great name for a male cat. Famous in Chinese philosophy, the yin and yang describe how opposite forces connect with one another. The perfect name choice for a cat that can be playful and independent, but that also loves a good cuddle.  

3. Domino  

Another classic male cat name, Domino takes its inspiration from the classic game with black and white dots. This could be an amazing name for a cat that has the tendency to be quite clumsy at times, but is an all-around softy! 

4. Bandit  

Does your black and white cat have markings on its face that strangely resembles a mask? Well, if so, this is the perfect name for them. A tough male name, perfect for your masked feline friend.  

5. Soccer 

The American term for football is a great name for a black-and-white cat. Inspired by the colours of a football, this is a great choice for a cat that is mainly white with some black markings.  

6. Puzzle  

Does your male cat have markings that just fit together perfectly like a jigsaw? This is the name for them! Some markings look as though they have been drawn on purpose because they fit together so well. This is a great name for a male cat that has perfectly situated markings, but also a really good name for cats that can find life a little confusing sometimes!  

7. Mittens  

If you have a male cat that is black all over with perfect little white paws, then this is the name for them. Cute, simple and soft, this name is perfect for that little male tom-boy in your life.  

8. Ace 

If you feel like you’ve hit the jackpot with your cat, as all owners do, then this is the ideal name for your male cat. Referring to the ace of spades, this is such a wonderful black-and-white cat name. Strong, elegant and all-around perfect.  

9. Smokey 

This may seem more appropriate as  a grey cat name, but actually, this is a great choice for a black and white cat. Smokey represents the combination of black and white together. A suitable name for your black and white cat that is a perfect mixture of the two. 

10 female black and white cat names

Female black and white cats symbolise good luck. They have an aura of elegance to them too, which is a reason why most owners want to get their names spot on!  

1. Mosaic 

If you have a female feline that is picture-perfect, then Mosaic, meaning a picture or pattern created by the arrangement of pieces together, is a lovely name for her.

2. Phantom 

Cats can be quite solitary and independent animals. If your black and white cat tends to be happy in their own company, then this is a great name for them.  

3. Hershey 

If you have a cat that is overly affectionate with you, or just loves a good cuddle, this is a great name for them. Famous for being the name of the delicious American chocolate, this is a great name for a cat that melts your heart.  

4. Zebra  

Of course, this is a perfect name for any black and white cat. If your cat has distinctive markings similar to the famous African animal, then this name is a must!  

5. Godiva 

Do you have a female cat that rules the roost? Or she may even be known as the queen of the household. Godiva is an Old English name meaning ‘gift from God’. What could be more perfect? 

6. Ember  

If your female cat has a sort of glow about her, then this is a great name for her. This name refers to something that is always glowing. A great name for a cat that never runs out of energy, and purrs the night away on your lap.  

7. Confetti  

Of course, this is a great name for any cat with any markings. But, if you have a black and white cat that is more speckled than others, this name will highlight their markings while also making their personality shine through. A special name for that special feline in your life.  

8. Humbug  

Another great name for a feline that has a distinctive black and white pattern. The name is often associated with the famous hard-boiled sweet, so it’s a great choice for a four-legged friend that is sweet in nature and tough on the outside! 

9. Dotty  

This is a lovely name for a sweet female cat that oozes kindness and love. If your cat is more on the shy side of life, this name will not only encompass that but also pay tribute to her lovely markings. 

10. Cruella  

A famous character from 101 Dalmatians, Cruella has half-black and half-white coloured hair. So, if your feline friend has the perfect half-and-half mixture, this might be their name! Especially if they can be quite daring and sassy at times too.  

10 Cute black and white cat names  

  1. Spotty  
  2. Speckles  
  3. Noir  
  4. Patch  
  5. Oreo  
  6. Stripey 
  7. Inky  
  8. Charcoal 
  9. Barcode  
  10. Butler  


10 Creative black-and-white cat names  

  1. Bailey  
  2. Sylvester  
  3. Felix 
  4. Betty Boop  
  5. Sabretooth  
  6. Inkblot  
  7. Bandit 
  8. Ash 
  9. Polkadot 
  10. Twilight 


There you have it! That is our guide to great black-and-white cat names. Naming your cat is more than just finding a great name, it is about finding a name that speaks to their character and encompasses all there is to know about your feline friend. Hopefully, the above list has given you some inspiration for what to name your cat. Want to know more about naming cats? Take a look at our article on the best male cat names, next.