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Top 10 Siamese Cat Names

Top 10 Siamese Cat Names

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You have just welcomed one of the most sophisticated felines into the family. Congratulations! Now it is time to give them a name that matches their amazing traits.

If you are stuck for ideas, just remember that the Siamese cats are known for their elegant looks and easy-to-love nature. Here are our favourite Siamese cat names if you need a bit of inspiration to get this exciting process going.

10 Siamese cat names even the fussiest felines will be proud of


Regina is the Latin word for ‘queen’ and we think it is the perfect cat name for Siamese kittens. Watch them as they elegantly strut into the living room or sit perched on the couch as if they are royalty. You will find it difficult to think of a better moniker for the new princess in your life.


One thing you will notice straightaway about your new Siamese cat is how smart these felines are. They can be trained to do pretty much any feline trick under the sun - some of the cats belonging to this amazing breed have even entered tournaments or joined the circus! If your cat displays wisdom beyond their years, Sophie, which means ‘wisdom’, is an excellent name.


Siamese cats are some of the most elegant pets out there. So why not go for a Siamese cat name that pays tribute to their gorgeous, sleek looks. Grace or Gracie are popular cat names for a reason - they are a cute choice and perfectly match the classy, graceful felines in our homes.


Beautiful kittens deserve a name that means just that. Bella means ‘beautiful’ in Italian. This is another cat name that is extremely popular and we think that you cannot go wrong if you decide to give it to your Siamese kitten.


Audrey Hepburn is considered the epitome of elegance. So, if you are looking for inspiration from popular culture, Audrey might just be the perfect name for your Siamese cat. Plus, Audrey means ‘noble strength’. Plenty of reasons to give your female cat a name as gorgeous as they are.


Looking for a regal name for a male Siamese cat? You might find that Kingsley is the perfect match. It is an old name associated with royalty and it may suit your fluffball to a T. Give it a go and see what your feline thinks.


Julian is a name that has been around for centuries and belonged to emperors and saints. So, if you want a name with ancient roots for a sophisticated Siamese, Julian is one of the most beautiful Siamese cat names you can choose. It means ‘youthful’ and it has many variations you can choose from, including Julius and Jules.


If you want a gorgeous name that is not overly used, Sebastian is a fairly unique name in the cat kingdom. It has Greek origins and it means ‘venerable’. It might even remind you of Ariel’s good friend from Disney’s classic animated film The Little Mermaid. Another good reason to name your loyal furry friend Sebastian.


Theodore is a name that comes with so many cute versions, you will surely find one that suits your new cat perfectly. Theodore is a great name to start off with, but if you are looking for a shorter just as fabulous version, how about Theo or even Teddy? Whether you love the original meaning of the name which is ‘divine gift’ or just the way your cat responds when they hear it, Theodore might be the ideal Siamese cat name you are looking for.


The way your Siamese cat understand commands or picks up advanced tricks might make you think you have got a feline with mystical powers in your home. Why not choose the name of King Arthur’s wizard friend, Merlin? This is a beautiful name that also means ‘sea fortress’. So if you want a name that references just how magical your new kitten is, Merlin is the Siamese cat name to go for.

That’s it! We hope you found the amazing cat name you are looking for on our list. If you want even more ideas, we have got you covered. Many Siamese cats come with fabulous silver-grey coats. If yours fits the description, you can choose a cool moniker that references their amazing coat colour. Discover our top names for grey cats, next.

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