Felix Mixed Selection Multipack for Kittens

Mixed Selection in Jelly Multi-pack for Kittens

"I've just adopted 2 kittens - bought the Felix kitten food first! I had no doubt it was the going to be the right food for them - they love it!" - Jake, from Hertfordshire.


Chicken, Cod, Plaice, Lamb

FELIX® Chunks in Jelly for kittens are delicious, nutritious recipes designed specially for the needs of growing kittens. These classic, tasty and tender chunks in a succulent jelly make every mealtime utterly irresistible. When your mischievous kitten sees one of these wet kitten food pouches, they’ll know their favourite meal is near – the bowl will hardly touch the floor!

Each FELIX® Chunks in Jelly kitten food pouch contains a recipe made with quality ingredients and developed just for growing kittens. When fed according to the feeding guidelines, each meal will provide your kitten with all the essential proteins, vitamins and minerals that they need for growing up. With complete and balanced nutrition for your kitten, jelly, and meaty and fishy chunks, each FELIX® Chunks in Jelly kitten food pouch is a true taste sensation.

The Mixed Selection in Jelly multipack contains a delicious selection of meaty and fishy recipes for your growing kitten to enjoy.

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Healthy Goodness

FELIX® – irresistible taste that provides 100% of your cat’s daily needs!

Wouldn’t you want to give your cat irresistible meals every day that are full of healthy goodness?

All the FELIX® recipes in our range are made from high quality, delicious ingredients that all clever cats demand for a nutritionally balanced diet.

But that’s not all!

They’re also a source of essential Omega 6 fatty acids with the right combination of balanced minerals and vitamins to help keep your cat full of vitality and ready for mischief! They’re packed with healthy goodness and satisfy 100% of your cat’s daily needs when served according to the feeding guidelines.

  • no added artificial flavourings
  • no added artificial preservatives
  • no added artificial colourants

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Feeding Guide

FELIX® Kitten is a complete, nutritionally balanced meal, so it doesn’t require any mixing with any other food. Just follow the Feeding Guide below* for any flavour of your choice.

1.5 - 3 months: 1 - 4 pouches per day in 2-3 separate meals or whenever he’s hungry.
3 - 6 months: 2 - 5 pouches per day in 2 separate meals or whenever he’s hungry.
6-12 months: 5 - 3 pouches per day in 2 separate meals or whenever he’s hungry.

Serve at room temperature.
Always provide clean, fresh drinking water. Also suitable for pregnant or lactating mothers, but check with your vet regarding portion sizes.
Serve your kitten’s food in the same place every mealtime so he doesn’t get confused and don’t disturb him while he’s eating.

*Each kitten is different. Depending on your kitten’s activity level and body condition, food amounts and/or time allowed to eat may need to be adjusted. For further feeding advice visit www.purina.co.uk

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Pack Sizes

Multi-pack (12x100g, 40x100g, 44x100g)

            Felix Cartoon with Cat Food