Pet Food Products & Packaging FAQs

At Purina, we're committed to giving your pet the best possible product. If you have any feedback or questions about our pet food products, please tell us.

Top questions

What should I do about damaged packaging?
Where we always try to ensure that your pet food reaches you in perfect condition, sometimes accidents can happen. Find out what to do here.
What happens if the pet food looks damaged or off?
Sometimes our pet food can have an unusual colour or texture due to our different factories and raw materials used. Find out what to do about it here.
What if there’s mould on food I’ve just opened?
Sometimes things can go wrong with our packaging, whether that's in transit or the warehouse. Find out here what to do if you find mould on your pet food.
What if the volume or amount of pet food seems low?
All our pet food is weighed before it leaves for distribution, but sometimes things can go wrong. Learn what to do if the amount of your pet food seems low.
What if the food smells off or odd when I open it?
Sometimes pet food can have an unusual smell because of the raw materials and different factories where its made. If you're concerned, let us know here.
What if my food contains something unexpected?
If there's a packaging issue it could attract insects, this can be quite alarming to see and we're sorry if this happens. Find out what to do here.
What if there’s a pouch of food missing?
Occasionally, a pouch of pet food may go missing which may be due to human or machine error. If this happens to you, find out what to do here.