Dog car travel. By a dog.

It’s likely that one day you’ll have to take a trip in a car. It’s the big shiny thing that sits outside your owner’s house. Your owner loves their car but luckily not enough to have it indoors. Before you go anywhere in it your owner will want you to get inside and get used to it. Try just sitting in the car a few times when it’s not moving. Maybe you could make some ‘brumming’ noises to make it more realistic.

bakers cartravel-1

Your owner will wear a safety belt in the car (you’ll realise why when the driving starts – cars are very fast). So make sure you’re restrained because there’s lots of stopping and starting, especially at traffic lights which are funny signals in different shades of grey. When you’re a dog, car safety is very important.

Tips for dogs in cars:

  • Travel crates are really good but make sure yours is big enough to stand up in and turn around. Get your favourite blanket in there too for extra cosiness. 
  • Whatever you do don’t eat just before you get in the car. Your owner should feed you 3 or 4 hours beforehand.
  • The movement of the car can make your tummy feel a bit wobbly and well, you can guess what happens next. However, don’t worry about breaking wind in the car. Everyone does it and you’ll get the blame anyway.
  • You won’t believe how much stuff your owner will pack in the car that they will never need. So make sure you take a few essentials too. Like your normal bed to lie on, some toys and most importantly some water.
  • Your owner will buy strange meat and pastry based snacks from a garage so make sure you’ve taken some Bakers® treats too.
  • Take some chewy toys with you, preferably a squeaky one. It helps drown out the noise of the owners’ music.
bakers cartravel-2

Journeys can also be really boring for dogs in cars. When you’re traveling with all the owners in your family they often entertain themselves by disagreeing about which way to go and getting lost. They’ll also amuse themselves by arguing about what music the car will play, but don’t ask me how.

The owner holding the wheel in the front will begin by choosing what they want but then the younger owners in the back will complain until they get what they want. Then that will be played on repeat until everyone is fed up. What you want is something called ‘classical music’. It’s especially relaxing for dogs. My preference is for a little Mozart.

bakers cartravel-3

Now for an important announcement. When you’re a dog, car safety should be a top priority. Never, never, never stay in the car when your owner gets out. Particularly when it’s a hot day and the inside of the car turns into an oven. Not good. Everyone knows sunny days are for playing outside anyway.

We’ve all seen those funny films of dogs sticking their head out the window while driving along. It might look cool but copying this would definitely be a bad idea. I reckon they must be specially trained stunt dogs because it’s a seriously dangerous thing to do. You could be hit by a passing vehicle or get something in your eye that could make you ill.

So, head inside at all times.


Monday, November 30, 2015

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