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Bakers Dental Delicious

Bakers Dental Delicious is a tasty and nutritious chew for adult dogs, available in delicious chicken or beef flavour.
Bakers dental delicious

Give your dog Bakers® Dental Delicious, a dog treat that is as tasty as it is nutritious. A perfect reward after training your dog, from giving their paw, or learning to swim, your dog will find these treats irresistible. 

Bakers® Dental Delicious are designed with two different textures, a specially chewy outer texture and a tasty soft centre, it will leave your dog satisfied every time. But it’s not all about great flavour and two satisfying textures – every dog dental stick is specially shaped to help keep teeth clean and reduce the build-up of tartar. The Bakers® Dental Delicious are low in fat, and just one chew every day helps keep your dog's gums healthy and their teeth clean.

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