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Australian Shepherd looking into distance

Top 8 Australian Dogs You’ll Want to Meet ASAP

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Australia is known as the home of koalas and the land of kangaroos, but if you travel the country, you’ll soon realise that many amazing tales of adventures in the great outdoors have a more familiar companion as the main star: the Australian dogs. These hard-working pups have ancestors that can be traced back all the way to the first settlers. And although these days they’re likelier to spend their day slouched on the couch than looking after cattle, their smarts and protective nature remain part of their amazing features. Plus, they know how to handle the outback heat like a pro!

Keep reading to find out our top 8 Australian dog breeds, some of which may surprise you!

1. Australian Terrier

If you’re looking for a best friend for life, the Australian Terrier is the perfect little companion. Their delightful personality combined with their watchdog skills make this Aussie canine a star on any Australian dogs list. However, they do like to amuse themselves by chasing small animals in the local area.

After all, these terriers were once a trusted working breed for the settlers dealing with the quirky Australian wildlife. Back in the day, they would chase away snakes in the outback. Today, they’ll quickly demolish a pristine lawn looking for squirrels. But they’re so easy to train and quick to make their owner happy that they will learn fast what is off limits for their human.

2. Silky Terrier

Another terrier darling, this Australian dog breed can double as a more exotic Yorkshire Terrier. The two breeds look extremely similar and for good reason: the Yorkie was used to create the Silky Terrier in the early 1900s.

Their long silky coat needs a lot of grooming, but it’s perfect for endless cuddles. And you’ll get plenty of those from this affectionate breed. As a true terrier, the Silky does tend to chase anything small and furry, but with training (and a good leash when out and about) these instincts can be calmed. All in all, this Australian favourite is a spunky little bundle of joy that will love being part of a human family.

3. Bull Arab

Bull Arabs are some of the most beloved Australian hunting dogs but they are a rare sight outside their home country. These amazing companions will stand out anywhere they go due to their sturdy, muscular build – a reminder of the days when they used to hunt boars and pigs for their owners. But don’t be fooled by their tough exterior. These medium-sized pups are true sweethearts. They’ll become fast friends with everyone in the family, kids included. Plus, Bull Arabs are known to be highly intelligent so training them will likely be a breeze.

4. Koolie

Does the name sound familiar? If Koolie reminds you of another amazing breed, the Collie, that’s because they are close relatives. This Australian dog breed loves nothing more than to walk, run and play, so make sure you’ve got enough room and time for this fitness-crazed pup. They’re at their happiest when they’ve got a job to do, even if that is playing a fun game of fetch. In return, you’ll get one of the most amazing companions in the canine world. Koolies are loyal, patient and quiet and quiet too.

5. Australian Kelpie

If you love outdoor adventures, the Australian Kelpie is your new best friend. These dogs will never say no to brisk walks or long runs. Whether you need a hiking partner or just a dog willing to burn energy side by side with their human, this Australian dog has plenty of stamina to keep up with you.

6. Australian Cattle Dog

Give these dogs a job to do and they’ll love you forever. The Australian Cattle Dogs were bred in the 1800s for their excellent herding skills and their ability to withstand the outback heat.

The result is a beautiful, athletic breed that excels at pretty much everything they do, whether it’s learning tricks, participating in dog sports or helping out cattle ranchers. If you’ve got a huge backyard and an active family, this Australian dog is a match made in heaven.

7. Miniature Fox Terrier

The Mini Foxie is one of the most beloved small dogs in the Land Down Under thanks to their playful nature and their love for kids. These little guys were once bred for their vermin hunting skills, so you might need to be careful when managing their chasing habits. But if you want an energetic dog that requires little maintenance and will keep the entire family entertained with their fun antics, the Miniature Fox Terrier is the perfect companion.

8. Tenterfield Terrier

Fans of the Miniature Fox Terrier are in luck. There is another Aussie breed that closely resembles they favourite dog. The Tenterfield Terriers are popular in Australia, although not much is known about these adorable pups outside their native land. Like their other terrier cousins, these dogs will also need a bit of training to make sure their hunting instincts don’t go overboard. But as long as you include them in family activities and keep them well-exercised, the Tenterfield Terriers are the always-happy and playful friends any dog lover dreams of.

These are our top 8 Australian dogs that you’ll love to call your own. Looking for even more amazing breeds from around the world? There is another island nation full of adorable pups with fascinating histories ready to meet you: discover the show-stopping Japanese dog breeds, next.