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The Best Big Dog Names
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Top 10 Fun Dog Names

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Now that you’ve got a cute, fun little companion, it’s time to choose a name for them that’s just as cute. Luckily there are so many fun dog names to choose from. Think of your favourite characters in pop culture and you’ll surely stumble across one name that makes all the sense in the world for your amazing pet.

Or is there a particular characteristic your dog has that makes them the centre of attention? Maybe it’s a personality quirk or something about their cute looks that works great as a pet name too.

If you’re stuck for ideas, here are some of our favourite fun dog names. Check out our list and you might just find an amazing moniker that suits your dog’s looks and personality perfectly.

Fun male dog names


If you’re the proud owner of a Pug or Bulldog , Meatball is the fun male dog name you’ve been looking for.

We’re not saying they’re a small ball of meat, but they’re definitely a small ball of fun with large bodies and short, stumpy legs that will love being spoiled as you call them all sorts of endearing nicknames like ‘little Meatball’, ‘baby Meatball’ and ‘Meatball cutie’.


Dog owners can sometimes feel like their pooches are out of this world. The unconditional love dogs offer their human companions and the amazing skills they pick up almost effortlessly are definitely something special. So, if you’re looking for extra-terrestrial inspiration to choose a name that expresses how special your dog is to you, why not go for it and call your pooch E.T. ? The friendly alien trying to get home is the hero in the famous Steven Spielberg movie with the same name and works great as a fun male dog name too.


Pokémon names are even cuter when dogs adopt them as their own. If your dog is like a lightning bolt of energy, always running around the house then Pikachu might be the name for them. And if your dog also has a pudgy body and short legs similar to the animated character, there’s no better fun male dog name out there.


Thanks to the lovely fictional bear, Paddington has become one of the most endearing names. A moniker that instantly reminds everyone of the innocent, friendly character we love so much might be exactly what your dog is looking for? And if you’re lucky to have a stunning dog that reminds you of a cuddly teddy bear, Paddington should definitely be at the top of the names list.

Fun girl dog names


If your girly pooch is known for giving the best cuddles, then why not go for the fun girl dog name Cuddles? It’s such an endearing name that’s guaranteed to generate a few chuckles.


For the white canine princesses out there looking for a fun name, Coconut should be top of the list. It’s not just this fruit’s white colour that makes it such a suitable name for dogs with light furs. It also sounds good and can be shortened to Coco whenever you want to spoil your best friend.


For our four-legged friends that love to tell us all about their day by barking constantly with excitement, there is a name that suits them to a T: Barkie. It’s also short and spunky which is usually the way dogs prefer their name. Give it a go and see what your pooch thinks.


Those lady canines that come with perfectly-coiffed fur and a royal demeanour need a name to show off their diva-like status. We’re thinking Fifi will do them justice. Plus, it works great as a fun girl dog name as well.


Owners of fluffy pooches are some of the luckiest pet parents. They’ve got a lovely dog with fur that’s perfect for endless petting sessions and also a choice of fun girl dog names that make reference to their stunning looks. Fluff or Fluffy are cute names that will suit any canines with fur for days, no matter how big or small they are. Need more ideas for your list? Here are some of the best names for small dogs.