PRO PLAN® Large Robust Adult Sensitive Skin with OPTIDERMA® Rich in salmon


A complete dry food scientifically formulated for large robust adult dogs with sensitive skin.

Sometimes dogs have sensitive skin and associated signs include dandruff and scratching - sensitive skin may be caused by the food they eat.

PRO PLAN® Dog Large Adult Robust Sensitive Skin with OPTIDERMA® is a complete dog food for large adult dogs with an robust physique, tailored to the needs of a dog with sensitive skin.

OPTIDERMA® is a selection of carefully chosen nutrients that target your dog’s skin. It's specially formulated to promote healthy skin and a healthy coat. Specially formulated by our vets and nutritionists.

Our delicious dog food with high quality ingredients and with Salmon as No.1 ingredient, offers a great taste that dogs love.

Try PRO PLAN DOG® Large Adult Robust with OPTIDERMA® and see what difference it could make to your dog.

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The formula contains OPTIDERMA, a special combination of skin-targeting nutrients such as protein source of amino-acids, essential fatty acids, B-vitamins and zinc, proven to support healthy skin and beautiful coat.

The nutritional needs of large dogs vary depending on their body shape – either robust or athletic. This formula has been specially tailored for the higher body fat mass and lower energy requirements of large robust dogs.

Rich in salmon, the recipe is also formulated to help reduce the risk of skin discomfort – and to help support your large dog’s healthy joints for an active lifestyle.


OPTIDERMA® contains a combination of skin-targeting nutrients that helps support healthy skin and a good coat.


Helps support healthy joints


Clinically proven to help support sensitive skin


A highly palatable recipe is made with high quality ingredients, with Salmon as No.1 ingredient, offering great taste dogs love


Formulated Without Wheat Gluten*

Adult maintenance

Body weight (kg) g/day
<1h activity
g /day
1 to 3hr activity
25-35 280-350 375-470
35-45 350-415 470-555
45-60 415-505 555-675
60-70 505-560 675-750
70-90 560-660 750-885


See table for recommended daily feeding amounts. These amounts are guidelines only. To help keep your dog in an ideal body condition, adjust according to your dog’s activity level, physical condition and individual needs. Clean, fresh water should be available at all times. To monitor your dog’s health, consult a veterinary surgeon regularly.


Salmon* (16%), Rice* (14%), Maize*, Dehydrated salmon protein*, Maize gluten meal*, Maize grits*, Soya meal*, Dried beet pulp*, Digest, Animal fat, Minerals, Cellulose, Dried egg*, Soybean oil, Fish oil * Protein sources.



Key nutrient values* Dry
Moisture 8.0%
Protein 32.0%
Fat 21%
- Omega-6 fatty acids 2.3%
- Omega-3 fatty acids 1%
- DHA 0.6%
- EPA+DHA 0.83% 0.86%
Carbohydrate 30%
Crude fibre 2.0%
Calcium 1.4%
Phosphrus 1%
Zinc 22.3 mg/100 g
Vitamin A 25666 IU/kg
Vitamin D3 1824 IU/kg
Vitamin B (total) 330 mg/kg
Vitamin E 486 mg/kg
Vitamin C 70 mg/kg
Metabolisable energy (ME)1 3.9 kcal/g


* Typical analysis in the final product.
1 Calculated using modified Atwater's factors.


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