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Pro Plan® LiveClear® FAQs

With bold new discoveries come a myriad of questions. Put your mind at ease with these frequently asked questions and answers about Pro Plan® LiveClear® allergen reducing cat food.

While PRO PLAN® LIVECLEAR® should remain as primary diet, supplementing with occasional wet food or a treat is acceptable.
The key ingredient in PRO PLAN® LIVECLEAR® does not affect the cat’s overall biology. In fact, the cat will continue to produce allergens and shed as normal. The key ingredient in Pro Plan LiveClear, a specific protein found in eggs, simply binds to the allergen in cats’ saliva and neutralizes it, safely, in the cat’s mouth. The action happens in the cat’s mouth, but once swallowed, the ingredient is digested like any other protein.
As your cat will continue producing active Fel d 1 allergens naturally, the cat allergen-reduction effect will stop.
No prescription is needed to feed your cat with PRO PLAN® LIVECLEAR®.
PRO PLAN® LIVECLEAR® takes around 3 weeks to have a noticeable effect as Fel d 1 will still be around your house even when it’s neutralised in your cat’s mouth.
In order to ensure the best product performance, it is recommended that you store PRO PLAN® LIVECLEAR® in a cool dry place, away from the sun and heat.

PRO PLAN® LIVECLEAR® is available from Pets at Home in-store and online and directly from Purina online shop.