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When passion and innovation unite, the results can be life-changing. Hear from real cat owners about the transformative difference Pro Plan® LiveClear® can make for cats and their owners.

“LiveClear® has been absolutely life changing for me. We’ll never go back to any other food.”

- Dachelle

''So once we started feeding Ellie the new cat food I could spend more time with the cat. And I wouldn't have to worry about keeping my distance from the cat. It meant I would not have to choose my fiancé over my cat. The food has been a wonderful thing, a life changing thing for us.''

- Jay and Laura

''The first time I came home and I saw him laying on the couch with one of the cats sleeping on top of him, it was very emotional.''

- Nicole

…”This food has absolutely been life changing. I have so much more time. I'm not constantly vacuuming. I'm not constantly cleaning. There's no way I will ever go back to any other food. It's not going to happen. ”

– Dachelle