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Over 80 years of doggy heritage

Every single yummy bonio biscuit is lovingly and traditionally oven baked. In fact, bonio has been baking biscuits in this way at the same factory since 1932... of course with that ever reliable quality.

Although a lot has happened since the first bonio came out of the oven, they still have that scrummy taste dog's love! Here are just a few doggie facts spanning the decades since for you to chew over!

pack heritage
  • Well I never!

    bonio has been baking dog biscuits for over 80 years since 1932, and in 2010 bonio is still the Nation's No. 1 dog biscuit -the undisputed ruler of dog biscuits!

  • A giant leap for dog-kind!

    75 years ago, bonio made its debut and got the whole world's tails wagging! Other notable doggie debuts include Lassie's first screen appearance in 1942 and the emergence of the first of three lovable Beethoven movies starting in 1992.

  • Stay!

    The bonio factory has stood on the same site for 100 years! But when it comes to staying put, you have to take your hat off to Skye Terrier 'Greyfriars Bobby' who, after his master died, slept on his grave for the next 14 years, until he too passed on.

  • Massive Mastiff

    Our production lines can produce 7 tonnes of yummy, wholesome bonio per hour! That's rather more than even the world's biggest dog could manage. He was an Old English Mastiff named Zorba who, in 1989 measured 2.514m (8 feet 3 inches) from nose to tail and weighed in at 155 kg (343 lbs)!

  • 100% bonio

    We donate 100% of our time to making the most yummy wholesome dog biscuit using 100%25 quality ingredients. However, a week old puppy devotes 90% of its time to sleep and 10% eating!

  • bonio rules!

    2010, bonio is still Britain's No.1 - the undisputed ruler of dog biscuits! Speaking of which, did you know that in the 11th century, a dog called 'Suening' sat on the throne of Norway for three years - put there by the former king to punish his people.