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Top 10 Hungarian Dogs

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Some of these breeds of dog once ran with the Magyar warriors, but today you can catch them showcasing their head-turning coats as they strut the modern neighbourhoods of their home country.

The family of Hungarian dog breeds is a fascinating group of canines. Some of them are cuddly charmers who don’t mind lounging on the couch all day long, while others need big, open spaces to live their best life. But all of them come with their own unique personalities and are known for a human-friendly disposition you can’t help but fall in love with.

It is worth mentioning that each dog is an individual with their own behavioural quirks, so opting for any given breed is no guarantee of a specific personality. However, they might have a higher chance of possessing certain traits depending on what the breed was originally bred for.

Top 10 Hungarian dogs you’ll want to meet


There’s nothing the Hungarian dog breed Mudi can’t do. At least, that’s according to their impressive list of skills: they are an amazing companion, a dedicated guardian, an agile sports dog and are often incredibly fast learners.

However, the Mudi is rarely found outside their native Hungary. They’re stunning and can come in very unique colours such as a marble mix of black and grey.


Fans of white dog breeds are in luck – the Kuvasz is one of their most gorgeous representatives. Originally from Tibet, these pups made Hungary their home during the Middle Ages when they became royalty’s favourite companions. These days they’re lovely family pets, although they do need experienced owners and a secure, fenced garden. Kuvasz dogs have a mind of their own which means training can sometimes be challenging. But once they learn the rules of the household, these Hungarian dogs will often be the gentle and charismatic companions everyone will love instantly.


One of the most striking breeds in the canine world, the Komondor is a rare sight even at home in Hungary. But if you happen to see one of these precious pups on their daily walks, there’s no way you won’t be impressed by their unique look.


They’re a large breed with a long, corded coat. Historically, their main job was to protect flocks of sheep and their personality matches their original occupation to this day. They tend to be extremely protective when a ‘danger’ is detected. Unfortunately, they have a loose definition for what they consider dangerous: it typically includes everyone from the postman to the neighbour’s dog. So, early training and socialisation are necessary to dull some of their sharp guarding instincts. When they’re not in protective mode, the Komondor is a calm, loving dog who loves spending time with their humans. This Hungarian dog breed loves following their family everywhere they go, meaning they get caught underfoot sometimes.


If you love energetic canines that stick close to their human, Vizsla is your dog. They are smart and obedient which makes them perfect for pretty much any job: whether it’s keeping you company, going on a search-and-rescue mission or being a trusted partner for your morning jog.

When it comes to their maintenance, this Hungarian dog breed has a signature golden-red coat which needs a weekly brush and the odd bath.


If you love dogs with corded looks, the Puli is the smaller, but equally protective version of the Komondor. Underneath that striking coat is a bolt of energy and an extremely friendly companion. This means that, as long as they find an owner who can give them endless playtime and an exercise schedule worthy of an Olympian athlete, they’ll be the happy, loving pet any dog lover dreams of. The Puli canines might have worked as dutiful sheepdogs throughout their history, but we think they were actually born to be the centre of attention. A dog with an always-on, friendly disposition and impressive coat is destined to turn heads everywhere they go. And the Puli loves all the attention they’re getting.


This fearless sheepdog comes with fluffy ears and a coat that is wavy and curly. The Pumi is one of the most energetic Hungarian dogs, so if you are lucky enough to own one, make sure you block some time in your daily schedule for enough playtime and exercise to satisfy this eager dog. They are an amazing companion, especially for active families, and their bright personality seems to charm everyone in their vicinity.

Transylvanian Hound

The Transylvanian Hound nearly went extinct at the beginning of the 20th century, making them some of the most precious canines out there. They’re smart, loyal and just as eager to snuggle with their owner on the couch as they are to run, chase and play. This Hungarian dog breed comes with a solid guarding disposition, so plenty of training might be needed to curb any overly protective behaviours.

Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla

The Wirehaired Vizsla is known for their distinctive moustache, hairy eyebrows, robust build and, as the name suggests, a wiry coat. All these characteristics make them their own unique breed, separate from the Vizsla, and better able to tackle the Hungarian hills which is why this crossbreed was initially created. If you’re wondering what it’s like to have a Wirehaired Vizsla in your home, you should know that this Hungarian dog can be a gentle companion, affectionate, loyal and very easy to train. However, make sure you keep boredom at bay, otherwise they might create their own entertainment, even if that means picking a fight with your favourite furniture.

Hungarian Sighthound

You will be forgiven if you mistake the Hungarian Sighthound for a Greyhound. The two breeds look strikingly similar, but this Hungarian dog breed’s shorter muzzle and heavier bone structure make them more suitable for the hilly scenery of their home country. You can almost imagine them roaming the hills next to horseback hunters in pursuit of deer and other animals. These days they are lovely family companions. Protective, loyal and so easy to train, the Hungarian Sighthounds are a joy to be around.


Sinka is the newcomer in the family of Hungarian dog breeds. Developed by crossing a number of different breeds, the Sinka dogs are made for the outdoors. They’re the trusted partners of shepherds trying to keep their herds in check, a job the Sinka is perfectly suited for. Hard-working, smart and energetic, the Sinka requires big, open spaces to feel truly at home. Looking for more stunning European dog breeds? Check out our favourite German dog breeds, next.