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miniature schnauzer in the park

Top 8 Dogs with Beards You Can’t Help but Swoon Over

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What’s your favourite kind of dog? Maybe you prefer terriers, or how about a cute cross-breed, or even something small and fluffy?

But have you ever considered a pooch with a beard? Meet these amazing dogs with beards and you will be swept off your feet by their old-man charm. 

Top 8 dogs with beards 

Are you interested in adding a moustached pup to your family? We have the perfect selection of dogs with beards you will undoubtedly fall in love with.

1. Airedale Terrier

This terrier breed loves friendship and companionship and is incredibly smart. They are full of energy though, so would be most suited to an active family.  They are also notorious for having a high prey drive, so training with this dog from the moment you get them home is very important. 


Unlike most terrier breeds, the Airedale can grow to be quite large. They are considered the biggest Terrier in the world. They have a hard and wiry dense coat which is quite easy to maintain but will need regular stripping to prevent it from becoming too scruffy. This breed is also known for having a lot of hair around their muzzle, which gives them their distinct bearded look. This may be adorable, but it does tend to collect a lot of mud, water and other unwanted things! So, cleaning from time to time, especially after walks, is a must. 

2. Scottish Terrier

This bearded dog breed is lovingly known as the “Scottie” and is a small, compact dog. Scottish Terriers are famous for their long noses, full skirt on their body, and of course, their lovely long beard. 

When it comes to training this breed, you should get started from the moment you get them home. This breed is notorious for being strong-willed, independent and powerful. They don’t respond well to force, especially if you are trying to get them to do something they don’t particularly want to do. Reward-based training is likely to give better results. 

The Scottie is incredibly loyal to their family and forms very strong attachments to their humans. However, don’t let their loyalty fool you into thinking they will be a lapdog. These independent hounds usually ask for and seek attention on their own terms. 

If you choose to have your Scottie’s coat nice and long, with their skirt, they will need regular dog grooming to prevent their coat matting or knotting. This breed will also need clipping or hand-stripping as their coat tends to grow rather quickly. 


3. Miniature Schnauzer

This will most likely be the picture that comes to mind when you think about dogs with beards, and you aren’t wrong! This breed is one of the most famous for its bearded feature. They usually come in a salt-and-pepper colour and are loved for their old-man eyebrows and beard. 

Miniature Schnauzers can be quite independent and so training is very important. The breed is very intelligent, so when training them, it is important to keep things interesting to keep their attention. They are an extremely adaptable and popular breed; however, they do require a lot of exercise.

This breed was originally bred for ratting, which means that they may be prone to chasing small furries. This is another reason why dog training and socialisation are so important. 

4. Brussels Griffon 

This bearded dog breed’s luxurious beard really makes it stand out. They are quite a small breed, but they make up for their tiny size with their big personalities. They originate from Belgium, hence the name, and were originally bred for ratting stables. However, due to their unique appearance they soon caught the eye of the aristocracy, and have remained popular ever since. 

The Brussels Griffon’s reserved temperament means that care should be taken when introducing them to new people, or small children. Like many breeds, they will need plenty of dog socialisation and training to build up their confidence. Due to the sheer size that their beards can grow to, they will need trimming and cleaning, and their coats will need hand-stripping several times a year. 

5. Bearded Collie

This dog breed is well-known and loved for its facial hair. The Bearded Collie originates from the Scottish Highlands and with a thick double coat, this bearded dog breed was bred to thrive in colder weather conditions. Bearded Collies are extremely active, and would not suit being in an apartment or in a situation without any outdoor space or inadequate exercise. 

Despite this, compared to other Collie breeds, the Bearded Collie has a less intense working drive, which may make them more suitable for family life. They can be very friendly dogs with people and other dogs. However, they can be quite stubborn, which matched with their intelligence, can make training challenging, especially for novice owners. Ensuring training is always fun and different will help keep them engaged. 

The Bearded Collie also needs a stringent grooming routine, as its coat can quickly become matted and tangled. 

6. Soft Coat Wheaten Terrier 

This breed is often mistaken for a Schnauzer; however, their coat is much lighter and softer. “Wheaten” comes from the golden-coloured coat. 

The Wheaten Terrier needs a well-established grooming routine to make sure its coat stays looking its best and doesn’t become matted.

They originate from Ireland and can be extremely loyal to their families, as well as a little stubborn, so patience is required when training this breed of dogs with beards. 

7. Yorkshire Terrier

This breed is one of the most well-known small dog breeds around. However, don’t let their small appearance fool you, they are full of personality. The Yorkshire Terrier was originally bred to work in mines and textile mills to hunt vermin. It is now one of the most popular lap dog breeds in the world. 

This breed has a long silky coat and a beard that can reach the floor. Their coat also benefits from regular grooming to keep it looking its best. 

8. Maltese 

The Maltese is a toy breed which has a long history. Their tiny faces are framed with a silky moustache or beard, and their coat rarely sheds. The Maltese can be quite a playful and rather social breed. They are also great socialisers with new people. 

They are known for their great intelligence but can be pretty stubborn, so it is important to persevere with lots of reward-based training. Despite their luxurious looks, this breed is quite energetic, making them great for canine sports

That’s the end of our guide on the best dogs with beards! Many dog breeds sport a moustache that is good enough to compete with us humans! And what’s better, they are cute too.

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