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Small Dogs with Long Hair That Will Steal Your Heart

Small Dogs with Long Hair That Will Steal Your Heart

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Looking for a small, fluffy pooch to add to the family? Get ready for cuteness overload. This article includes some of the most adorable small dogs with long hair. These little dogs come with lovely soft, long fur that makes them very eye-catching. However, these coats will need looking after!

The long fur on these breeds requires daily brushing sessions and regular bathing to keep their luscious locks shiny and healthy, and prevent tangles and mats from developing. But that’s a small price to pay when – in return – you get to cuddle up with these lovely furballs.

Some of our favourite small dogs with long hair

Yorkshire Terrier

The long-haired Yorkshire Terrier’s signature look is the breed’s long, silky hair. So, if a small dog with long hair is your idea of a perfect companion, you’ll be happy to know that these dogs don’t shed too much. But you’ll need to schedule regular grooming sessions to keep their locks tangle-free.

Shih Tzu

The long, flowing coat of the Shih Tzu is bound to turn heads during your daily walks. But that’s not all this amazing breed has to offer. The Shih Tzu is often gentle, affectionate and won’t mind spending hours on your lap every evening – although this should also be balanced with lots of walks and exercise! As with all long-haired dog breeds, Shih Tzus will need to be groomed regularly or, alternatively, they can be booked in for regular appointments with a professional groomer to help to keep their coat neat and tidy.

Lhasa Apso

Lhasa Apso is one of the most charming small dogs with long hair. The Lhasa Apso often has a very playful personality, as they can be a very sociable dog breed. But always make sure you keep a close eye on the maintenance of their long fur.

Skye Terrier

If you’ve ever seen a Skye Terrier in person, you know how difficult it can be to resist running your hand through their amazing fur. This small dog with long, luscious hair is instantly recognisable, but they can be a bit shy the first time you meet them, so owners should always monitor these dogs around new people. However, once they get to know you, they can often become a very friendly companion.


Often a playful and happy breed with an amazing personality and a lovely appearance. Maltese dogs have glossy, long hair, so it’s often tempting to style their coat – however, we would generally advise against tying the hair of these breed with hairbands, as they aren’t able to tell you if it feels too tight, which can result in headaches and even hair loss.


Who doesn’t want a fluffy and soft small dog with long hair to cuddle? The Bolognese is the definition of adorable, and they’re also naturally good at socialising, making them such a fun companion to be around. Plus, their coat doesn’t even shed that much – but it will still need appropriate grooming and care.

Coton de Tulear

The glorious puffy coat of the friendly Coton de Tulear is a sight to behold. The great news is that this small dog with long hair doesn’t shed very much, but you will need to set time aside for daily grooming. After all, this gorgeous coat needs a little bit of TLC to remain in top-notch condition but, in return for this coat care, you’ll get a best friend for life.

There you have it! That’s our list of some of our favourite long-haired dog breeds. Remember that all dogs are individuals, and your pet might not have all the personality traits listed above as these are broad generalisations. With all these breeds, it’s important to make sure that dog brushing and grooming becomes a regular activity in your household, but there will be plenty of fun, loving moments in between that will make it all worth it!

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