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Bakers is 100% complete and nutritionally balanced.

Bakers is made by Purina who are experts at creating quality, nutritious food.

Bakers does not contain any added artificial colours.


Top Ten Questions

Got a question about Bakers? Well you've come to the right place. We've compiled a handy list of the Top Ten questions we get asked the most.


+ 1. Why is there cereal in your dog food recipes?

We include some cereals in our dog food including soya, rice, wheat, and corn, because they help us provide your dog with some of the nutrients that are essential to their health. These cereals are good sources of carbohydrates, which are an essential component of your dog's diet.

With all the adventures your dog looks forward to during the day, it's important that they have a readily useable source of both slow- and quick-release energy. That's where carbohydrates come in. These carbohydrates are used by your dog for energy, leaving the carefully chosen sources of fat and protein in BAKERS® for other uses - such as maintaining a healthy skin, coat and immune system. Protein even provides essential amino acids, which contribute to normal muscle development, tissue construction, and a healthy coat and skin.

While your dog can get the amino acids they need from animal-based ingredients, you'll also find them in cereals. That's why BAKERS® has a combination of the two. It's also our way of delivering a delicious, balanced meal that gives your dog everything they need and is affordable for you.

The carbohydrates in some cereals also contain fibre that helps support your dog's digestive health (just like it does in humans). But that's not all. Cereals help us bind everything in BAKERS® dog food together, so your dog can enjoy the delicious texture he loves in every single kibble.

+ 2. Can dogs digest cereals in dog food?

The short answer is 'yes'!

Dogs can digest both cereals and grain, despite the common misconception that they can't. Because dogs are omnivores they are capable of digesting carbohydrates well - in fact, they use the same enzyme as humans to do so.

The cereals used in BAKERS® aren't fillers, and the vast majority of dogs aren't allergic to them. We put them in to help provide your dog with some of the essential nutrients they need to keep their tails wagging all day long. Fewer than 1% of dogs have a food intolerance or sensitivity, and those who have a true food allergy require a diet prescribed by a vet. For the other 99% of dogs, BAKERS® is designed to meet all the nutritional needs with ingredients you can trust, including cereals.

Cereals appear high in our list of ingredients because all the different cereals we use are grouped together. The reason we do this is so we can select ingredients based on supply; if we didn't, labels would have to be reprinted very often, and that would make BAKERS® more expensive.

+ 3. What are 'meat and animal derivatives' in dog food?

We select our ingredients to help provide your dog with a delicious meal that also contains all the nutrients they need for a healthy, balanced diet. 'Meat and animal derivatives' is the legal term given to the category of animal-based ingredients used in BAKERS® and many other dog foods.

These animals have been inspected under close veterinary supervision, and they are categorised as fit for human consumption. The difference is that the human food industry often doesn't need these ingredients. For example, our food might contain 'unfashionable' ingredients such as tripe, heart, and liver, which are brilliant sources of protein and amino acids for your dog.  As well as this, using these ingredients means that less goes to waste. These raw materials are from many of the same animals that we eat, such as chicken, beef, and lamb. Naturally, all our ingredients comply with strict EU laws that are in place to ensure your dog's safety and their health.

Calling these ingredients 'meat and animal derivatives' on our packs also helps up cope with seasonal variations in supply. For example, when we adjust the exact ingredients according to demand, we might use more chicken than beef when the price of beef rises. It's another way to help keep our prices consistent, so you always know what price to expect.

+ 4. Why have the artificial colours been removed from BAKERS® dog food?

We have only ever used safe colours in BAKERS® dog food. We changed our recipe in response to the fact that many people are now reducing the number of artificial colours in their own diets. We listened to our shoppers and decided to remove the artificial colours from BAKERS® as well!

These artificial colours have been replaced by colours that occur in nature; these are taken from plant, animal, and mineral sources.

+ 5. Why are there additives in BAKERS® dog food, and what do they do?

The additives used in BAKERS® dog food are an important part of our recipes. All the additives we use are rigorously reviewed and regulated in line with strict EU laws. All of these additives have passed safety tests, after which they are given their 'E' number. ('E' stands for 'Europe'.) In fact, you can find all of the additives we use in human food, too.

We use three types of additives in our dog food: nutritional additives, functional (technological) additives, and sensory additives.

Nutritional additives include amino acids, trace elements, and vitamins, and they are all an important part of making sure your dog's food is nutritionally complete and balanced. Functional additives are preservatives and antioxidants; they help maintain the delicious flavour of your dog's food, as well as keeping your dog's food safe over time. Sensory additives ensure that our dog food appears consistent, and that it always looks as appetising as it tastes.

+ 6. Do the additives in BAKERS® cause behavioural issues in dogs?

We recognise that stories in the media have linked additives in dog food such as BAKERS® to behavioural issues in dogs, but this link is a misconception. We love dogs - many of us at BAKERS® have our own! - and our aim is to make great food that helps keep dogs happy and healthy.

The idea that commercial pet food is one of the main causes of dog behavioural issues is a common misconception. It is often assumed that a dog's diet is the trigger for behavioural problems, but it's very rarely the case that food will cause this. Reasons for a dog's behavioural problems can include their environment and the dog's experiences both now and earlier in life. Ultimately, every dog is different, and every behavioural problem is unique. If your dog is experiencing behavioural problems, we recommend you seek a vet's advice as it could be a sign of changes in your dog's health.

The additives in BAKERS® are strictly regulated, and they are all carefully reviewed in line with EU law. Our experts have not found any peer-reviewed evidence to suggest that there is a link between additives in pet food and behavioural problems in dogs.

+ 7. Why do you say '4% beef'?

The total percentage of meat and animal derivatives in our tasty chunks is much higher than 4%. We say '4%' because this declaration is a legal requirement of our labelling.

For example, in BAKERS® Adult with Tasty Beef and Country Vegetables, meat and animal derivatives are at least 15% (equivalent to 30% rehydrated meat and animal derivatives). This 30% includes the minimum 4% of the ingredient highlighted on the label, such as beef, with the remaining 26% potentially being sourced from a variety of animals, such as additional beef, chicken, lamb or duck. When you see '4%' beef on our pack, it represents the minimum amount of beef that’s inside. Similarly, recipes such as ‘with lamb’ or ‘with chicken’ will each contain a minimum 4% lamb or 4% chicken for the same reason as a ‘with beef’ recipe.

If we listed the exact percentages on our packs, it would mean reprinting them every time we adjust ingredients (which we do to cope with seasonal fluctuations in supply). Unfortunately this would mean you’d pay more for your box of BAKERS®.

+ 8. How much protein is there in BAKERS®?

BAKERS® dog food contains 21% protein, which is above average compared to other pet food products. FEDIAF guidelines recommend that a healthy diet for dogs contains a minimum of 18% protein.

In our recipes, this protein comes from sources of meat, corn and wheat. Protein is an important source of energy for your dog, but it also provides essential amino acids to help support muscle growth, tissue repair, and other essential functions.

+ 9. What is 'crude ash' in dog food?

Crude ash' (otherwise known as 'crude ash content') describes the amount of minerals in your dog's food. We never add ash to BAKERS®. The amount of 'crude ash' is stated because it's a requirement of animal feed legislation.

If you were to incinerate BAKERS® dog food, all the major nutrients such as fats, carbohydrates and proteins would burn away. Only minerals would be left (such as calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium) - this is the 'crude ash' content. These minerals are already present in your dog's food and support their health by helping to balance bodily fluids, support strong bones and teeth, and support the breaking down of food into energy. It's all part of making our recipe complete and balanced for every dog to enjoy.

+ 10. Is BAKERS® good for my dog?

BAKERS® is designed to be complete and balanced, which means that it contains everything your dog needs for a healthy diet, with no need for any supplementary food. It contains the right balance of the five major nutrient groups: minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates, fats and oils, and proteins, all of which help your dog maintain a good body condition.

It's widely recognised by vets that dogs (and other pets) live longer, healthier lives than ever before, and that some of this is down to the role of improved nutrition. Using years of research into nutrition for dogs, we've formulated our recipes to meet the needs of dogs of every shape, size and age. We make it tasty too, as we believe that this ensures your dog will want to finish his meal, and therefore get all the nutrients he needs for his health. We like to think that our commitment to tasty, complete and balanced food is why millions of people have fed their dogs BAKERS®! 


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Thursday, September 21, 2017

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