DogPay. Imagine a world where dogs could shop.

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We love anything that means dogs and owners can do more together so, for one day only, we put reality on hold and made it possible for them to do the shopping.

Our best friends often get left out when it’s time to shop so we created a world where they couldn’t just choose things, but pay too.

Since it became law in the UK for dogs to be microchipped, we wanted to celebrate this hi-tech way of keeping dogs and owners together.

Introducing DogPay: a contactless payment system based on a dog’s microchip that can be scanned to pay and makes shopping great fun.

It was a crazy idea but it really did work. To prove it we set up a prototype system at a pet store to test the reactions of owners and, most importantly, their dogs.

Remember that DogPay was just something we did for fun so don’t try getting your best friend to pay for your next big shop.

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Any dog microchip can be read.

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Link the microchip to a payment account.

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Scan the microchip just like your contactless bankcard.

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Could we make it work? There was only one way to find out. So, lights, camera… dogs.

You can still shop the BAKERS dog food range for yourself, by clicking here.
Since dog tagging has become law in the UK, every owner must get their dog microchipped. To learn more click here.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

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