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Top 9 English and British Cat Breeds

Top 9 English and British Cat Breeds

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There are many stunning cat breeds that come from Britain, including a few famous ones you might find surprising. Whether you want to have a British cat breed as your new companion or you’re just curious to see which kittens started their journey to fame in Britain, here is a list you will find interesting.

Top 9 English and British native cat breeds


Here’s a trick question for cat lovers: ’where did the Oriental cat breed originate from?’ Before you start thinking about far-away places, you should know that this amazing kitten hails from somewhere much closer to home. The Oriental was actually bred in England and the US from ancestors including the Siamese. So if you’re familiar with the Siamese felines, you can expect a very similar personality. The result is a sleek cat that is highly intelligent and expects plenty of attention from their lucky owner. These amazing pets are also known as foreign shorthairs. 

Devon Rex

The Devon Rex is perhaps one of the most recognisable British cat breeds. These kittens hail from Devon as their name implies and were the result of a natural genetic mutation. It’s not just their signature big cat ears, crinkly coat and diminutive statures that help them stand out from the crowd. These little guys are quite mischievous too, so if you don’t mind a lively cat that’s quite nosy and comes with a bag full of tricks, discover more about what makes the Devon Rex an incredible companion with our quick breed guide.

British Shorthair

There’s no surprise that a breed with the name ‘British shorthair’ comes from Britain. But did you know that this amazing breed has been in existence for hundreds of years and is one of the most popular breeds in the UK? These cats come in many colours and coat patterns and are known for their super-affectionate nature. What more could we ask from this amazing British cat breed?

British Longhair

A relative of the British shorthair, the British longhair is another cat breed to add to your list if you’re looking for British felines to bring home. This is an equally friendly and loving cat that will become best buddies with everyone in the family. If this cat reminds you of a Persian kitten, there is a good reason why. The British longhair is the result of crossbreeding between British shorthairs and Persians!

Cornish Rex

The slender Cornish Rex originates from the county of Cornwall in England and, similar to the Devon Rex, we owe their existence to a natural genetic mutation that occurred sometime in the 1950s. Cornish Rexes have a curly coat, are highly intelligent and extremely playful, but know how to enjoy downtime too while perched on a couch or purring away on their owner’s lap.

Havana Brown

Havana Brown is another misleading name for a British cat breed. It might make you think their home is a place on the sunny Caribbean coast, but this is an English kitten. Developed by crossbreeding the Siamese and a shorthaired black cat, the Havana Brown is a gorgeous feline with a chocolatey coat. Imagine a cat that plays hard and rests just as much and you’ve got the personality of this amazing kitten down to a T.

Asian Cat

The Asian Cat is similar to the Burmese breed and was developed in England in the 1980s. The most distinctive trait of this breed is their smooth coat that gives them the head-turning elegant, sleek look. These cats are veritable social butterflies, truly enjoying the company of people or other pets. If you’ve got one of these gorgeous kittens in your life, make sure you shower them with plenty of attention - there’s nothing they’ll love more.


Another cat that will remind cat lovers of the Burmese breed, the Burmilla is a stunning crossbreed from England. Wondering how they got their show-stopping silver coat? Burmillas are the result of an accidental mating between a male chinchilla cat and a lilac female Burmese cat. They became a favourite instantly thanks to their gorgeous looks and sweet nature.


It’s impossible not to love the signature look of the Chinchilla: snow-white fur and gorgeous green eyes. But did you know that the chinchilla cat breed originates from England and was the first cat to have been selectively bred for a specific colour? This British cat breed was first shown in 1894 in Crystal Palace, London and since then they have become one of the most loved felines all over the world.

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