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BAKERS Treats and Chews®

Why BAKERS® Treats and Chews?

There’s a range of PURINA® Dog Treats for every occasion.

  • BAKERS® Allsorts – a variety of shapes bursting with meatiness
  • BAKERS® Rewards - delicious treats for any occasion
  • BAKERS® Mini Hearts - low fat and bursting with meaty flavour
  • BAKERS® Mini Bones - low fat and bursting with meaty flavour
  • BAKERS® Crunchos - irresistibly light and crunchy texture
  • BAKERS® Dental Delicious - helps to keep teeth clean the delicious way!
  • BAKERS® Joint Delicious – helps to support your dog’s joint mobility the delicious way!
  • BAKERS® Meaty Twists - the longer lasting chews*!
  • BAKERS® Sizzlers - chewy tasty rashers with the irresistible flavour of bacon. Doggylicious®!

* vs. an average chew

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