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Top 10 Most Popular Dog Breeds

Top 10 Most Popular Dog Breeds

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Discover the most popular dog breeds in the UK and what makes them the charming companions we are all eager to welcome into the family. The nation’s favourite dogs have been compiled by Rover and the list is full of familiar names: from the tiny Chihuahua who makes us fall in love with their boisterous personality and diminutive looks to the mixed breeds that impress us with their smart and funny antics. Here are the top 10 dog breeds.

10. Chihuahua

The smallest of all canines, the Chihuahua, is also one of the most popular dog breeds. Whether you see them accompanying celebrities on magazine covers or strutting proudly in your neighbhourhood, there is no denying that this confident little fellow is charming and he knows it!

The Chihuahua is a great choice for owners with little space in their homes but who love a lively, affectionate companion who will be able to go everywhere with them.

9. Border Collie

Their endless stamina and huge eagerness to form a close bond with their human companion make the Border Collie one of the top 10 dog breeds in the UK. Give them plenty of jobs to do and they will love you forever. Although collies are not always dogs for novice owners, they will thrive in active families who have the time to keep that busy collie brain occupied. Enough exercise and plenty of mental stimulation through fun dog games is the key to a happy collie.

8. Jack Russell Terrier

This friendly and affectionate companion is constantly on the most popular dog breeds lists. They are active and quite lively which means they will provide hours of entertainment with their fun antics. So if you are looking for a loyal friend with plenty of personality, the Jack Russell Terrier might be the perfect choice.

7. Staffordshire Bull Terrier

The muscular Staffordshire Bull Terrier was initially bred for fighting, but those days are long gone. Despite their original role, these dogs are often described as true sweethearts and, with the right training, they are ready to get along with everyone, including other dogs. They are affectionate, playful and adore children, making them one of the most popular dog breeds in the UK and all over the world.

6. Dachshund

The Dachshund is so easy to love. They have an independent nature, but can be very affectionate with their human family members, so expect them to shower you with love. Due to their diminutive size, these dogs do not need that much space, which can make them a good choice for small houses. They will keep you on your toes though - without constant training and early socialisation, the Dachshund’s stubborn side can turn them into true troublemakers.

5. Cocker Spaniel

It is only natural for one of the friendliest dogs to make it into the top 10 most popular dog breeds. Every good thing you may have heard about the Cocker Spaniel is true: they love forming close bonds with their human family, children included, and being friendly, they are likely to get along with the other animals in the household. In addition, they are eager to learn and relatively easy to train. All in all, one of the best dogs to join the family.

4. French Bulldog

Dog owners with limited space are in luck! The French Bulldog’s compact size and quiet nature can mean that they don’t require too many square meters to feel at home. They enjoy daily walkies and are a lighthearted, playful breed who will love nothing more than playing endless games with their humans. These pups are comfortable living in the centre of town with a small garden or in the countryside in the middle of nowhere. Just add a loving human family for the perfect match.

3. Cockapoo

No surprise that we find one of the most adorable crossbreeds in the top three most popular dog breeds. The Cockapoo is charming and intelligent. These are dogs who cannot wait to be part of every family activity. So include this furry fellow into the mix whether you are planning a picnic, a simple evening walk or major family celebrations.

2. Labrador Retriever

It should come as no surprise that the easy-going Labrador Retriever is near the head of the pack when it comes to the top ten most popular breeds of dogs. They are always happy, wagging their tail and looking for ways to please their owners. The Labrador Retriever is also highly intelligent which means training should be a breeze. You can even venture into ‘advanced dog tricks’ territory and chances are you will be impressed!

1. Mixed Breed

Mixed pups are constant favourites. They often combine the best traits from their parents and come with adorable looks you cannot help but love instantly. Plus, they have cool names such as the Bernadoodle and the Maltipoo. What’s not to love? Check out our list of the most stunning mixed dog breeds here.

Although these dogs are well-loved all over the nation and across the planet, sadly the more popular the dog’s breed, the likelier it is for them to be irresponsibly bred. This means prospective owners should make sure they buy their puppy from a responsible source. Find out how to find a reliable dog breeder in our article, next.