Great Dane with dark fur and male owner with blue sky
Great Dane with dark fur and male owner with blue sky
Great Dane with dark fur and male owner with blue sky

Large Breed Dogs and Families

Getting a dog for the family is an exciting event, and every member of the family looks forward to it. If your family has their heart set on a large family dog, choosing which dog breed to go for can seem daunting as well as exciting. Are large breed dogs suitable for children? Will they be manageable, and what will family life be like with a large dog running around the house?

But there is no need to worry. Many large breed dogs are perfect family dogs, and can welcome and valuable additions to your family. It is a simple matter of knowing what your family needs and choosing the right breed to fit into your lifestyle and lives.

In this article, we go through what to look for in large family dogs, what breeds may be a perfect fit and the benefits of having a large dog in the family. But remember, every dog is different, with their own personality, so it’s up to you to decide.

Traits to look for in a large breed family dog

Choosing a dog for your family can seem an difficult task. Your dog has to be loved by everyone in the family and must fit into your lifestyle. How do you choose the best large family dog?

While different breeds of dogs fit well with different types of families, there are certain traits that you should look for in large family dogs. If you choose your dog according to these characteristics, you can ensure peace and much happiness in you and your dog’s lives.

- Patience: Family dogs need to have patience, especially if there are children in the house. Small children are not always aware of how to treat dogs – for example, they may be very excited and want to play when your dog needs some peace and quiet. It is important to have a dog that can be patient with children. But remember, it’s important that children know how to be patient with their new dog, too.

- Easily trainable: The best large family dogs are receptive to training. This is extremely valuable when you want to draw certain boundaries about what your dog is allowed to do. Easily trainable dogs will quickly learn how the house runs and how to fit into your routine.

- Energy levels: It is important to find a family dog that matches your family’s energy levels. If your family’s idea of a nice evening is to curl up and watch a movie together, then you should choose a large breed family dog that is easy-going and is happy to snooze in the evenings. If, however, your family likes to go on long hikes, then you should choose a breed that can match those energy levels.

Breeds that make the best large family dogs

Here are some breeds that make the best large family dogs. Remember, always ask the breeder or rescue centre for advice that is tailored to your family. These are just some examples of breeds, and every dog is different.

Labradors: Labradors are considered to be one of the best family dogs around. Not only are Labradors the no. 1 dog breed in the UK, they’re also highly trainable. As extremely friendly and generally non-aggressive dogs, this large breed dog is often a good choice if you have young children.

German Shepherds: German Shepherds are extremely loyal dogs that are easily trainable. Once part of a family, they will truly feel like a family member you could not do without. They are loving and even-tempered, and are extremely good with children. Due to their high sense of loyalty, they make excellent guard dogs.

Bernese Mountain dog: These dogs originated on Swiss farms, and have long thick coats. They have a gentle temperament and are very calm. They make excellent companions, as they love the family they belong to and are keen to stay close to them.

Newfoundland: These dogs are loving, trusting and extremely strong. They are often known as the ‘gentle giant’ and they are very intelligent, which means they are easy to train. They are great for families, especially those with children.

The benefits of choosing large family dogs

The benefits of bringing a large family dog into your life cannot be counted. They are loyal and loving companions, and will give you more love than you can imagine. Most children who grow up with family dogs form intense bonds with them, and can describe valuable memories of playtimes, companionship and love.

Choosing a large breed dog as your family’s pet, then, is a good decision and an important one. Several breeds fit in wonderfully with family life, and, by following our guide, you should be able to choose a dog that your family soon cannot imagine doing without.

Choosing a family dog

When choosing a large family dog, it is important that every member in the family is in agreement about the choice. Let each member of the family meet the dog first and make sure they are happy with bring the dog home.

Due to the specific nutritional requirements of large breed dogs who tend to burn energy more slowly than smaller dogs, it’s a good idea to get a dog food that’s been specifically formulated with their size in mind. BETA’s Large Breed products provide your large breed dog with a nutritionally complete meal that’s tailored to your dog’s size and individual nutritional needs.

It is also important to make sure the home is a safe place for your dog. While you have taken the time to choose the best large family dog, you must now take the time to make sure your children know how to treat the dog, how to take care of him, and what their chores may be with regard to him. It is important for every family member to be involved in your dog’s life, for he belongs to the whole family.