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PURINA® BETA® was created for what we consider to be the most magnificent animal on the planet – the dog. This passion has driven us to create premium dog nutrition for several decades.

Our philosophy is that we should let a dog be a dog, because what matters most is that he’s healthy, active and loved. And, of course, the key to this is good nutrition.

At PURINA® BETA® we know that dogs have specific dietary requirements which vary depending on their age and breed. Therefore, to help match your dog’s individual requirements, we have created a range of carefully-tailored formulas.

Right Age Right Food range

A puppy filled with boundless curiosity, ready to chase every ball, toy and wind-blown leaf has quite different needs to an older dog who loves an early morning meander and a relaxing evening stroll. So our Right Age Right Food range offers a nutritious diet for every stage of your dog’s life, from energetic puppy through to reliable and trusted friend.

Breed Group range

Chasers, searchers, diggers, sniffers – every breed has its own special characteristics and nutritional needs. To help your dog receive the balanced diet he needs, PURINA® BETA® offers a range of food tailored to specific breed groups. So whether he’s a Retriever, Spaniel, Shepherd, Setter or Terrier, we’ve got the right nutrition to help feed his sense of adventure.

Lifestyle range

Energy-bursting, calorie-burning explorer or relaxed and easy-going stroller – however your dog seeks out adventure, he’ll need a diet that helps keep him in shape. And if he has a sensitive stomach, he may need food he can easily digest. That’s why we developed our PURINA® BETA® Lifestyle range.

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