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Dogs That Are Good with Cats

Dogs That Are Good with Cats

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Are you thinking of adding another addition to your family? If you’re considering a new pup, but your clan already has a feline member, it’s worth considering which dog breeds have the potential to be good with cats, as some breeds may not be very suitable for a household with felines!

That being said, it’s always worth noting that every individual from each breed will be different and will possess different behavioural traits. So, you can never guarantee a pup from a certain breed will have a particular characteristic. Therefore, we would always suggest introducing your pets to each other properly – ideally at a young age and monitor them closely. You should always make sure your cat has the space to get away from your pup if they want to, as cats are generally less sociable than dogs, and will need time to themselves – especially if they feel overwhelmed or threatened. For more advice on this, it’s best to speak to your vet.

Consider your cat too!

If you are considering adding a canine family member to a home with felines, it’s not just your new pup’s temperament that you need to consider. If your cats are particularly prone to stress, then they may not cope well with the introduction of new pets to the household. Plus, even the most chilled out of felines can find a bouncy new puppy too much to handle. If in doubt, chat to your vet or local pet shop expert for more advice.

The best dogs for cats and humans looking for another friendly companion

Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever breed can be your best buddy for life. But the love they have for their humans can also extend to other pets in the household. As a result of this, they’re sometimes eager to make friends with your cat companion too, although it’s a good idea to make sure your cat also has the option to be on their own if they want to, as playful retrievers can be a little overwhelming for some felines!

Basset Hound

If you want a companion for your cat, the Basset Hound might suit you. This breed is often friendly, calm and easy-going. Despite initially being bred to hunt, the Basset Hound’s laidback nature often means they will get on well with other pets and leave them to their own devices where needed – something most cats will be very grateful for! However, it is still worth being aware that these dogs may still have some natural hunting instincts, and so monitoring is crucial if this breed is introduced to other pets.

Bichon Frise

This breed may also get on well with a feline companion. The Bichon Frise breed can be extremely sociable with both humans and other animals, and will often get on well with other pets. So, if you’re considering adding a cat-friendly dog breed to your family, this breed is definitely worth considering – but bear in mind that Bichons love to play, so it’s worth keeping an eye on them to make sure they don’t become too boisterous!


Pugs often don’t mind having a feline company either. In fact, you’re more likely to find them snuggling together than in the middle of a feisty exchange. Dogs that are good with cats, such as Pugs, can often be the sweetest canines, and this breed is known for being generally good-tempered and sociable.

Plus, they’re quite a small dog breed, so if you’re worried about space, pugs won’t need that much room to be happy and comfortable – but, as with all dogs, these dogs will still need regular walks out in the fresh air. Plus, remember to take into account the temperament of your felines.

If you are considering this breed, it’s also worth noting that pugs are brachycephalic, meaning that they have a shortened face and protruding eyes, which can case respiratory and eye issues.


If you’re a fan of fluffy pets, the Maltese breed can also be a cat-friendly dog breed. This small breed is often friendly and sociable, meaning that they can get on well with cats.

Irish Setter

The Irish Setter breed can often have traits of being sociable and easy to train, which can mean that this dog won’t meddle in your cat’s business! The Irish Setter is a large breed, and they can be a bit clumsy meaning they may need to get used to having your cat around, and should ideally be monitored closely when they are first introduced to your feline. However, with proper training, Setters can be calm and obedient dogs- just what you need for a peaceful multi-pet household.


This lovely little breed can be a loving companion and enjoys taking regular naps with their owners, as well as going out and about on lovely walks! These dogs can get on well with cats not only due to their smaller size, but also because they can be very sociable with other animals. However, it’s important for owners to ensure their cat has the opportunity to get away for a break when they need one, as Papillons can become a bit overexcited, which can be overwhelming for some cats.

German Shepherd

Large canines and cats might seem like a recipe for disaster. But this is not always the case. The German Shepherd is often a lovely companion for humans, so if you want them in your life but you’re worried that the cat won’t give their seal of approval, we’ve got some good news! Well trained German Shepherds can often get on fine with felines.

Making sure your German Shepherd is well socialised will also mean they are more likely to get on with other four-legged family members. The German Shepherd is also a very smart and trainable dog breed, so chances are they’ll quickly learn to adapt to the companionship of a cat but, as with all of these dog breeds, always make sure you introduce your pets properly!

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